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If you need to pay any Cleveland City Schools fee online, follow these directions:

Steps to Pay Fees Online (Directions)

Note: This currently applies only to CHS, CMS, Ross and Candy’s Creek Cherokee.

  1. Log into Unified Classroom at (you cannot use the app to pay fees, use the website only)

    1. Can’t get in? Email to reset a password or get help

  2. Click ‘Quick Links’ on the left.

  3. Click the button labeled ‘Main Portal Page’

  4. You can switch between Students near the top-left of the screen.

  5. If you’ve never paid fees online before, click ‘Grades and Attendance’ on the left-hand menu

  6. Take note of your student’s ‘Student Number’ located near the top of the page. You will need that later if it’s your first time paying fees online.

  7. Click ‘Balance’

  8. Click the ‘Pay Fees Online With eFunds’ button located near the top right.

  9. A new window will open. This is a separate site with a separate login.

  10. If you’ve paid fees online before, log in and complete the process.

  11. If you’ve never paid fees online before, create an account, add your students using their ‘Student Number’ and complete the process.

If you need help, staff will be available at your school’s in-person registration events. You can also email to reset a password or get help. 

You can also click here to get the directions in a document to print.