Cleveland Middle School

Welcome to Cleveland Middle School! Cleveland Middle School is part of the Cleveland City Schools district located in Cleveland, Tennessee. It caters to students in grades 6th through 8th, providing a vital bridge between elementary and high school.

Academically, Cleveland Middle School offers a wide range of subjects, including English, math, science, social studies, and foreign languages. The school's dedicated faculty members strive to provide a rigorous and engaging learning experience that prepares students for the future.

Beyond the core subjects, Cleveland Middle School places great importance on extracurricular activities and the arts. Students have the opportunity to participate in a variety of clubs, sports teams, and fine arts programs. These activities foster teamwork, creativity, and personal growth while allowing students to pursue their interests and talents outside the classroom.

Cleveland Middle School also emphasizes character development and creating a positive school culture. The school promotes values such as respect, integrity, and responsibility, and encourages students to become engaged citizens in their community. It offers leadership opportunities through student government and service projects, instilling in students the importance of civic engagement and giving back to society.

Mission & Beliefs


The mission of Cleveland Middle School is to provide students a diverse, well-rounded education that meets and exceeds state standards and promotes self-discipline.


  • Learning: We believe all students are capable of learning with teacher, parent, and community involvement being essential elements to student learning.

  • Assessment: We believe formative and summative assessments should be used to make research-based, data-driven decisions.

  • Decision Making: We believe responsible decisions are the result of a collaborative effort between the school, the students, the parents, and the community.

  • Policy: We believe sound policies and procedures are essential for the school to operate in a safe, cohesive, and effective manner.

  • Instruction: We believe that in order to address all learning styles a variety of instructional techniques and activities should be utilized to identify and maximize student potential.