CHS to switch home side at Benny Monroe Stadium Friday night

On Friday night, Raider fans will return to the original home side of Benny Monroe Stadium for the first time in more than 30 years. It’s an exciting time for the Cleveland City Schools community!

CHS Athletics Director Al Morris said this change provides an extra 20 to 30 seats to fans. In addition, it will provide a better home-field advantage for their football team. “It’s going to be a transition for a lot of people, Morris said. “I think it will make a lot of people happy.” 


Traffic will go down to one lane leading into the high school parking lot. 


Fans can buy tickets from the booths near the walkway by the Touchdown Club Parking. There will be an additional ticket booth and entrance near the baseball and wrestling facilities. 


Reserved seating will remain the same. 


Spectators must remain in the stands for the entire duration of the game. Field access will be limited to approved officials and players. Certified passes will be issued for each guest given field access. Former players may contact the CHS athletic department prior to the game if they are interested in obtaining field access for a game. Guests must remain in the designated area during the game (see map below).