Welcome to Mayfield Elementary. We are a K-5 facility in the beautiful East Tennessee mountains. We are a part of the Cleveland City School district in Cleveland, TN. The new school was opened in 2007 after being relocated from the 15th Street location where Mayfield had been housed since 1928.

Our current student population is just over 400. We host a wonderful mix of cultures and ethnic heritages. We are privileged to be situated on the edge of Lee University, bringing the children from various nations to our area while their parents study at Lee. Our community is also quite diverse and we embrace those differences in our Mayfield family.

At Mayfield our students have the opportunity to explore related arts areas such as art, music, PE and library. We also provide additional services within our building to students who have been identified with an area of need. All students receive 45 minutes a day in either intervention or enrichment. The students are screened 3 times per year and assigned to groups depending upon the test results. Students who are struggling in math or language arts will receive intensive remediation for any learning gaps; students who are on target or above work with a teacher to further their academic growth through additional instruction and enrichment. Intervention students are progress monitored every week to 2 weeks and adjustments are made in their programming by the RTI2 (Response to Intervention & Instruction) team.

This year we have a pilot program and provides free breakfast and lunch to all students, the Community Eligibility Program. Each family is simply asked to complete a questionnaire that identifies the number of family members and the range of family income. Their complete meal is covered, but students can still purchase additional items, such as muffins, baked chips, large water bottles, and other snacks for a small fee.

If we can help you become more involved or assist you in any way, please contact the school at 423-472-4541.

It’s a great day at Mayfield!